Scientists Generate Local Evidence of Immune Response To AstraZeneca Vaccine In Healthcare Workers

Scientists Generate Local Evidence of Immune Response To AstraZeneca Vaccine In Healthcare Workers
Posted March 10, 2022 | Category Medical and Health Journalism

Precious Sylvanus, Enugu
Alaga Firdaws Oriade, Ondo City

Research findings emanating from Bangladesh have revealed that people previously infected with SARS- Cov2 virus have better immune response from two shots of Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine than those who were never exposed to the virus previously.
The research was carried out among healthcare workers in Dhaka Medical College, Bangladesh by a group of scientists who carried a post-vaccination survey of healthcare workers who had two shots of the vaccine. Their findings which were published in Volume 16 of the African Journal of Microbiology Research in March 2022 would go a long way to add depth to the scientific evidences needed to counter misconceptions about the effectiveness and efficacy of the vaccine. 
Interestingly, no significant difference in antibody levels between people with comorbidities and those without them. This goes to show that vaccination does not impact negatively on people with other diseases as insinuated in some quarters
Astrazeneca is one of the many vaccines that have long been developed and approved for administration against the SARS-CoV-2 virus which has been an issue of global importance since 2019. 
Globally, measures like physical distancing, nose and face-masking and the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers have been deployed to roll back the pandemic but expert held insist that vaccination remains the most effective preventive strategy against health epidemics.
Inspiration publishers thus reports that it is standard practice to monitor antibody levels of vaccinated population to generate evidence so as to guide disease outbreak response. It is essential to establish that it is one thing to receive a vaccine jab and another for the body to respond adequately with production of antibodies, sufficient enough to defend the body against diseases
Therefore, it is important for countries, the world over, to confirm the outcome of vaccinations through scientific approaches as evidences generated are incontrovertible and will be potent in dealing with rising waves of health misinformation
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