NYSC Flags Off National Sanitation Day In Ayegbami Community, Kwara State

NYSC Flags Off National Sanitation Day In Ayegbami Community, Kwara State
Posted April 24, 2022 | Category Medical and Health Journalism

 Ibraheem Olasunkanmi Qoseem,
On Saturday, 23rd, April 2022, not less than two hundred youth corps members, including Coordinators and Local Government Inspectors of National Youth Service Corps in Kwara state were at Ayegbami Community in Ilorin East Local Government to mark the National Sanitation Day.
The personalities present at the flag off exercise were: the representative of Director-General, Brig-Gen Shuaib Ibrahim; the State Coordinator, Mrs Daramola Francisca Olaleye; The Chairperson ably represented by Supervisor of Education, Ilorin East Local Government, NULGE Chairman, Head of Department Works, Head of Department Agricultural, Head of Department Education, Local Government Inspector Ilorin East, Mrs Daramola, Staffs of NYSC, Elders, Youths of the community and other dignitaries to numerous to mention.
According to Mrs Daramola, the Local Government Inspector Ilorin East, in an interview granted to the correspondent, she said the flag off exercise was done particularly in Ayegbami Community because of the level of cooperation and support that the youth corp members serving in the community have enjoyed.
The flagging off exercise was done by Mrs. Francista Olaleye, the State Coordinator, National Youth Corps Service, Kwara State. She commended the corp members for coming out en mass to participate in the exercise pursuant to the mandate of the NYSC. She equally appreciated the great people of Ayegbami for their warm reception and described the community as a peaceful ambience that is known for religious and ethnic harmony. She further, emphasized on the importance of sanitation in view of it's impact on human health. She concluded with the popular quote that says: " health is wealth".
A youth corp member in Ayegbami, Mr Obinna Gabriel Andrew, whose Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) happened to play host to the event, expressed delight, adding that it did not come by without challenges. 
He described it as an honour and that he owed the glory to God and the people of Ayegbami Community for printing their names in the sands of time.
In an interview conducted by our correspondent, Ibrahim Qossem, a member of the Ayegbami Community said:
" when I saw the legion of able-bodied men and women in Khaki dress on our streets, I was restless until I was informed that their mission was for peace.
That they were here to mark NYSC National Sanitation Day"
He added that such development was one of its kind in the community and the message was very clear. 
In his words:
"We will keep holding on to practicing cleanliness in our homes and the community. All thanks to Corper Obinna for always being an agent of positive change to the community"

Edited by Solomon Chollom


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