Our Planet, Our Health

Our Planet, Our Health
Posted April 9, 2022 | Category Medical and Health Journalism

Ibraheem Olasunkanmi Qoseem,

Since the creation of man, the appreciation of health and illness has evolved. Our ancestors experienced both conditions, and so much has changed between our definition and experience of wellness from what it was.
Access to, and affordability of health services, cases of emergence and re-emergence of diseases have escalated rates of mortality and morbidity on the planet more sophisticatedly than it was in days of yore. What has happened to our planet? Where did we go wrong? What were they doing differently? These are questions that should bug our minds.

Nothing really happened to our planet, if you care to know. It is still the same planet but our activities have taken a toll on the planet and have put us all at risk of biological, chemical and climatic bombardments that have derailed our health indices.
We assumed that the lifestyles of our forerunners are out of date and it should be give way to something new. The outcome of these adjustments is multiple health crisis- cancers, increased mortality and morbidity.
Sadly, our activities drive these complications. What we consumed in form of food, air, clothes and water: They are chemically embellished and preserved so we largely consume contaminated substances from them. These are distinctly different from the lifestyle of older generation which was based on fresh and organic food.
To stimulate our environment to harm us, we resorted to the use of fossil fuels as source of energy; we embraced deforestation, promoted land degradation progressively and aided water pollution thus compounding our woes. The consequences of these are the extreme weather conditions, lung cancer, skin cancer, water scarcity and food insecurity, to mention a few
Consequently, we are experiencing shorter life spans due to multiple pressures, with mental health challenges on the rise. I must say, we have been stretched beyond limits.
In an effort to preserve the nature's identity (earth) and ultimately the lives of people, fauna and flora in it; this year's World Health Day celebration is targeted at Our Planet, Our Health by United Nation. It is to charge policy makers and individuals on the need to repaint the abysmal picture of our global health.
While we are taking actions against things that threaten our existence by reducing the burning of fossil fuels, preserving our forests for quick transition to renewable sources of energy and investment in life saving activities, we must not forget our personal hygiene, exercises and healthy eating habits. Let's all remember that we only have one planet; we must keep it healthy to stay healthy.
Edited by Solomon Chollom

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